Speaking & Seminars

Kelly Allan speaks widely both within the USA —and internationally. 

Please contact Jenna@KellyAllan.com for:

  • Selection of video clips of presentations
  • Selection of topics
  • Discussion of a custom presentation
  • Complete list of references for speaking engagements
Licensed permission from The Cartoon Bank.

Licensed permission from The Cartoon Bank.


Here are a few recent topics/presentations:

  • W. Edwards Deming Institute 2.5-day Seminar “Deming’s Management Methods”
  • Aileron Executive Center “Deming: Leading with a Systems View”
  • Parenteral Drug Association / U.S. Food & Drug Administration “Looking Back. Looking Ahead”
  • State of Wyoming Deming Scholars Day “The Ways & Means Government Can Improve”
  • Amgen “The Future is Now”
  • Hong Kong Quality Association “Deming for a New Asia”
  • Singapore National Trades Union Congress “Deming to the Rescue”
  • Indonesian Government & Business Association “Introduction to Deming”
  • QRM Summit in Lisbon, Portugal Conference “Real Risks are Not Really Obvious”



Agile Software Consortium
Great Presentation. Excellent. Big take-aways. Just what we wanted. Exciting. You answered the tough questions well

Andrews University Leadership Program
The most positive response of any speaker during the entire conference. Absolutely fantastic. WOW! Relevant, practical, applicable. Bring him back


Nationwide Insurance
We’ve had requests for more than 35,000 copies of the materials –and your presentation was challenging, humorous and held attention throughout.

NTUC Learning HUB, Singapore 
Our clients/members are asking when you will be back in Singapore. Very positive!


Deming Institute Seminar participant
The seminar was a delight beyond my expectations.