All of our services are grounded in Deming’s teachings...

...whether we are assisting you to increase sales by taking sales people off commission pay—or doing a customer or employee survey.

Of course, we tap into the work of people like Goldratt, Collins, Kahneman, Christensen and others.  But the key lens we use to diagnose situations and to propose solutions are from Deming. 

Overall Deming’s approach: Better Thinking. Extraordinary Results.  Everybody Gains.

For Clients we: 

  • Assist in their journey of the Deming Management Method
  • Improve Sales & Profits
  • Change Culture & Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Costs while Improving Quality
  • Conduct Statistical Analyses
  • Create Surveys using Deming’s Model
  • Simplify HR for greater effectiveness at reduced cost


Licensed permission from The Cartoon Bank.

Licensed permission from The Cartoon Bank.


We have hundreds of references to share with you. Here are just a few:

1. Peter Scholtes: Your exceptional ability to combine theory with real world implementations is perhaps what clients appreciate most. 

2. Crane Group Companies: Your ongoing counsel has been of a standard of excellence that your referrals said I could expect.

3. Design Group Architects: We are in a better place because of your work with us.

4. New York Label & Box Works: Your recommendations have withstood the test of time.

5. Quantum Service: Your grasp of strategic issues, and your ideas and insights continue to add value to our efforts.

6. Toyota: You have provided us with solid guidance. Your collaboration with the University of Toyota was also highly valued —and you are respected by the sensei.